Pie Charts Made From Food

So I have this project where I have to make 7 projects in 7 days, and the theme i chose was pie charts made from food (it was he easiest for me because I made food all the time anyway so I can multitask). But I'm having trouble trying to figure out topics.

I want to make these by arranging food on a dinner plate, using an actual pie, bar graph out of cupcakes, etc. Ideas on how to use the food are appreciated too!

I'd like them to have some sense of humor in it! Or they can be basic. It could deal with anything really. Examples: Things You Need According To The Beatles (with the whole chart depicting only LOVE). % of Milkshakes that Bring Boys To The Yard. (These were all internet examples).

I know this is a really weird sounding project, but anything would help! Thanks!


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