Orlando - where to eat?

I realize that many of you read that subject line and said: "Orlando?!? There is nothing BUT places to eat in that tourist trap!" And if you said that, you'd be right.

However, with all due respect to all the Dardens, Dine Equitys and Yum Brands out there, the chain restaurants just aren't cutting it.

Orlando is a very transient city, so therefore it doesn't really have much in the way of cultural or ethnic influence (save for some good Cuban.)

But beyond that, we just don't even seem to have the burger joints that other cities enjoy... I think I can count the number of hot dog stands on 1 hand... and every pizza is a weak imitation of thin floppy NY style pizza - there is more than that out there!

I've lived here almost 15 years... and I'm hoping that on an off-chance that there's something I missed... please tell me there is!


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