On Not Eating: Yom Kippur Y'all

Hi y'all,

Once again I (and many of you I am sure) am about to embark on that 24+ hour journey into no-food-and-no-water land called YOM KIPPUR. I do it intensely and partake of NOTHING during the period, and I do so by not leaving the synagogue at all on Yom Kippur Day. And then rushing the small children who walk around with the baskets of hershey's kisses once the Shofar is blown. Bless them.

Oh and then I gorge on the break fast please let there be cheese blintzes please...

So if you are fasting for Yom Kippur (or Ramadan for that matter) how do you get through the day? What are your pre-fast tricks (I drink my weight in water)? What is your favorite break fast food.

An easy fast to all of you who are doing so and, as they say, a happy sealing.


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