I Eat This Food with Gratefulness - 9/11

Ever since a video I saw today in classes, where I for the first time saw actual footage of both planes crashing in the Twin Towers, with an emotional heart in a whole new light on the event (I didn't even understand what 9/11 was until several years after occurrence), I could not stop thinking about the lives that were lost. At lunch, I ate my food just to eat my food, and when I realized I finished it in ten minutes, I was sad. I should have appreciated it more. But I told myself that I was grateful to have this meal and hope I will get to feel that again at my next.

I say this, because I did a SE search to see if anything was said about 9/11 on here. I found a very heart-filled post from last year, and I thought maybe another should be made for this year. I really want to show that - now with my greater understanding - the gone will never be forgotten, nor the event.

How are you going to be eating your meals tomorrow? Anything special just for the honor of those who are gone, or something more simple and comforting as to make the day less worrisome than it was on that very date? You can even share again what your meal was that day if it's not too much. I really do want to hear what you have to say.

And I know this is 9/10, but I hoped that this post will hopefully carry on into the next day as well.


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