Help me clean my pot!

Long story short, I have 7 lbs of butternut squash, two apples and an onions worth of squash soup that sat simmering on a stove overnight and is now about a 1 inch layer of black burned crud stuck to the bottom of my anodized aluinum calphalon stock pot. I might be able to get a good deal off with a screwdriver, I hope. But what about the rest of the burned on crud. If this wasn't an old pot that I got from my grandmother, I'd be almost inclined to toss it. I was thinking maybe oven cleaner?? or maybe trying to just dry the crud out and burn it off or at least so I could just crunch it out, in the oven (hello smoke) or on the grill??!!! ARRGH and meanwhile now I need to make a bunch of other stuff to take to a party instead, I was thinking little mini hor d'ouevres sized squash and sage pizzas, and some blue cheese stuffed grilled figs, and maybe some melon with cracked black pepper and prociutto for the meat eaters.

ALSO. How do I get the stink of burned squash out of this townhouse? It's not mine (I'm housesitting... that's kind of what contributed to my inability to properly turn off the stove last night) and I'd hate to leave it n a stinked up state for the owners who get back on tuesday....!!!


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