Hawaiian Vacation Townhouse Cooking

Good News Anyone! I am going to Kauai for a week starting on Friday and we have the luxury of having a little kitchen in the townhouse we are renting. It will be equipped with some very basic cooking implements (pots, pans, maybe a rice cooker, probably not a grill). I am mostly just worrying because I feel like I am really lacking in terms of recipes that utilize the fresh Hawaiian ingredients. Do any of you have past experiences, suggestions, or recipes for me?

I am packing some things like pre-measured brown, white, and basmati rices, olive oil, sesame oil, red chili flakes, curry powder, some hot sauces, and good honey (we love spicy food).

Please suggest other spices or small, packable ingredients for me to bring? I plan on buying produce and fish once I'm there (but the original plan is to SAVE money by eating in). Thanks Anyone!


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