Halving a recipe that calls for one egg...

Just curious how everyone else approaches this: when I'm baking for two, often I halve the recipe because one whole cake/tarte is just way too much for the two of us to eat before said baked good's time is up.* Most of time this is no big deal. But yesterday I was baking the peach shortbread from smittenkitchen and the whole recipe makes a whole lotta yummy cookies, but only calls for one egg. My idea was to crack the egg into a bowl , whip it up a lil bit and mix in half of the egg, but in the end I just made the whole recipe... and now we've got peach shortbread to eat at every meal!

So how would you approach this baking situation? Also do you know of any good baking for two/few recipe resources? We could talk about it over peach shortbread and tea at my place! ;)

*I live in France, where the freezers are tiny and thus freezing leftovers is not an option for me.


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