Food Shopping- "List" or "Scramble"?

When I go food shopping I always have a few staple items I need to buy (milk,eggs,fruit,etc.) But most of the time I am scrambling around to find anything that looks fresh,appetizing and screams yummy dinner this week. This drives my wife crazy as she does not understand how I could buy something without knowing what I'll need it for (guess who does the cooking in MY kitchen)

I recently watched an episode of "Chopped" where a difficult ingredient they used was Bitter Melon. I was curious enough to buy it even though I've never seen or cooked it before. There's something I love about discovering new produce,even if it's disgusting....and yes,the bitter melon was disgusting (imho).

So,besides the basics-do you shop with a list or just scramble?

Please begin your reply post with "LIST" or "SCRAMBLE".

I'd also love to hear feedback from those couragious enough to regularly experiment with completely foreign foods.


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