Food for thought, Food not Lawns, your vote is it viable or not?

Most Americans have really great growing plots. We call them lawns. They take a lot of work and water (natural resources) to keep them nice and green. I do love the smell of fresh-cut grass. Still, Imagine this country if instead of having lawns, whole communities started growing and planting, fruit and nut trees, herbs and vegetables on their properties instead? I know a lot of suburban neighborhoods have restrictions to prevent you from doing what you will with your property, but, these can be changed and lifted. I googled the idea and found that there is a growing community of people who believe this is a good idea. I read a guest post written by Ed Buske (slow cook), on Groovy Green web page,and he goes as far as suggesting that we should get a tax break, and there should be a stimulus package to boot for both homeowners and renters. You might think that if everyone went to gardens, that it would put a lot of landscapers out of work, but if you read his article he argues that it would actually put a lot more people to work. Plus you would have the safety of knowing where your food was coming from. Bottom line is I believe the people who are promoting this have the right ideas. If it all comes down to our tax money going to huge corporations subsidies, I personnally think that the money should go to the individuals.

So what's your thoughts? Viable or Not or Nonsense?

Should we be watering our lawns or watering our gardens? One gives you a good feeling and the other can give you food. Nobody in my neighborhood waters their lawn, and one of my neighbors has a sign that says "may all your weeds be wildflowers"...I like it


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