Ethical eating

Long before I was aware of the factory-farming reality of most supermarket meats and poultry, I read an article about how veal was produced. The article in question painted a very grim picture, and as I was still in elementary school it made an impact on me. Fast forward 20 years, and I still won't eat veal because of it. This recently came up with my brother, who questioned whether I eat lamb, because the same treatment issues would theoretically apply. I had never made the connection, so I've been looking into it. Wikipedia was helpful in finding out more about veal, but the lamb entry did not shed much light on the treatment aspect, so I'm left unsure. I know there are worse practices out there (foie gras comes to mind as a vivid example), and that even the chicken and beef and pork that we take for granted is raised in outrageous conditions...but how do you know where to draw the line? Where can you find the information you need to make these decisions? And what do you do when your situation doesn't really allow you to "vote with your wallet?"


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