Comfort Food 911

I have been in Afghanistan for the past 6 months. To put it mildly, the menu here is not the best. I have been day dreaming over the past month what meal I will cook first when I get home. I have decided that I want brisket done with greek spices wine and tomatoes; brussel sprouts carmelized with balsalmic vinegar, shallots, garlic, and pinenuts; and some homemade Mac cheese. I also want a salad with red lettuce, spinach, peaches, blue cheese, red onions, and toasted almonds with this tangy orange mustard dressing I make. If I can make it to dessert, I want to bake this wonderful lavendar pound cake recipe that my grandmother gave me, it pairs beautifully with a strawberry coulis.

I am curious to know what everyone else would choose to cook for thier first meal.


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