Campfire cooking and essentials for fish and game. Best memories

My uncle Ed was a fishing guide in Michigans Upper Peninsula and he taught me how to fly-fish. he made his own lures and sold them to the execs from detroit auto industry (for big bucks) who used his services to locate trout.(again for the big bucks) He always kept the best spots for himself and would take upon occasion one of his many nephews to go catch some rainbows to his secret spots for fishing. He made us close our eyes part of the way because ,well, they were his secret spots that he learned from running his trap lines. One of my favorite breakfasts as a child was catching several small (illegal) trout and cooking them up in a cast iron skillet in butter with potatoes beside the stream over a campfire Head still on just gutted and rinsed in the pure clean water of Michigans UP. So his essentials were a stick of butter, a cast iron skillet, water-proof matches and salt and pepper and a few spuds from our farm. Everything else you had to catch or shoot and in those days nobody went out into the wilds without a gun. Still you all know by now I love hearing your stories. Its all about campfire cooking and it could be the campfire in your own backyard. But lets pretend your out in the wild far from civilization what would you bring? What did you catch or cook?Whats your best tale?


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