best part of the cow/chicken/duck/goat/pig/etc?

I made oxtail soup the other day, and as I was heating it up for lunch, one of my housemates walked by and asked what I made. Upon hearing, she made a face, and I told her that it's actually delicious, and she said that she'd tried it before, but it was too "weird." I've always considered the tail to be one of the best parts of the cow, along with the ribeye and tongue. I have a serious jones for the ox tongue barbeque from this little Japanese yakiniku place back home.

For poultry, I like the legs, thighs, and livers. And chicken feet. I love goat ribs, chopped up and cooked in a clay pot, and I think the head and skin are the best parts of a fish. As for pigs, I love pork belly and neck.

What, in your opinion, are the best parts of these various animals?


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