anyone using this knife?

I'm in the market for a new knife, and from what i've seen around the internet, this line of knives seems to be known as affordable, quality blades. But I figured it would be better to ask around here--has anyone used this knife? or any of the longer/shorter versions of this knife, or the forged version of this knife? if so, what are you thoughts on it? bear in mind that i'm a prep cook for a major hotel, so my knives see a LOT of use six days a do you think it would hold up under these conditions? i'm specifically interested in how well the blade holds up. also, how's the weight? is it too heavy? in an eight hour day, i might spend five of those hours chopping various vegetables and meats, so it's pretty much vital to have a light-weight, comfortable knife, so as not to strain my wrist or hurt myself.

if anyone has any opinions on these knives, i'd love to hear them-Thanks!


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