Your opinion on a food blog name

Hi all, I'm starting my own food blog and I'm kind of stuck on a name. I am serious about french food and culture as well as using more local, in season produce-kind of like the French do! I am also going to blog about travel and just things in general-just for the heck of it. My whole blog isn't going to be strictly French-focused per se rather, good food that we should eat and what others around the world eat.

My last name is Cubbler (pronounced Coo-bler) and I was thinking of calling my site "Peach Cubbler" (as an ode to my Dad who has called me "Peach" since I was a little girl.) Kind of sounds like Peach Cobbler :) What do you think?

I'm new to the site and you all probably get this question a lot but I truly welcome your suggestions and appreciate any help. Thank you!


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