Your best "save" when a meal went wrong.

A few days ago I put a pork shoulder in the oven to slow roast to make pulled pork sandwiches. It cooked at low heat for 6 hours and when we went to have dinner, the pork just wasn't "pulling". It was tough and just not right at all.

When I was younger I would have cried and panicked. I'm starting to get a bit more experienced now, so I cut the pork into big chunks and threw it into the pressure cooker with some bbq sauce and cider vinegar. After about 15 minutes at pressure, it was almost as tender as I had hoped it would be in the first place. It wasn't perfect, but it was certainly tasty and dinner was only about half an hour later than I had hoped.

We have all had cooking fails. What was your best last-minute save for a meal that was going wrong?


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