Whistle While You Work???...I Think Not!!!

Whistling in the kitchen and other food related "superstitions and omens"....

Being classically trained in a French cooking school the Chefs always told us NEVER to whistle and that whistling "made them nervous". The story behind that one comes from the French Revolution when all the nobles' cooks and chefs where being led to be executed...it is said that they whistled (some versions say they were whistled at by the people watching) as they where led in chains to be killed. Whistling is considered bad luck to the Chef...basically like saying "Death to the Chef!"

Bad luck to whistle in the kitchen... If you spill salt take some in your right hand and throw it over your shoulder... If you drop a knife while cooking wait till someone else come in and let them pick it up... Never give a knife as a gift...

...there are so many! Does anyone take stalk in any of them? Any myths, superstitions or omens you have heard of related to food, cooking, or the kitchen that you know of? If so, explain whats behind them if you can.


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