Vegetarian needs to impress meat eater

So my uncle's coming for dinner. A couple of things to know: 1- He's got some cooking skills. 2 - He makes fun of me like crazy for being a vegetarian. 3 - We can both be a tiny bit competative at times. 4 - I won't touch meat, but my husband can play sous chef for me if necessary.

Do I even attempt to impress him with a vegetarian meal? (I'm leaning towards no, as he doesn't like vegetables much at all). I'm thinking a meaty main, and veggie sides. But what?

If I do cave and do meat, it needs to be top notch. I don't do meat in my house unless its going to blow them away. No simple grilled steak. He like rich food, no drop of fat is spared. Even for the veggie dishes, they've got to be good enough for a vegetable hating meat eater. Help me create this menu!! Specific recipes / links would be helpful.


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