TV Chefs Worth Watching...?

Coat tailing unabashedly on Guy's thread "who's more celebrity than chef" I offer the following query: From which television chef do you feel you learn the most?

Which TV chef has demo'd a technique or explained something you've always wondered and know you will use again in the future?

I have a few but the most noteworthy technique that I use nearly every night of the week is Jacques Pepin's technique for smashing garlic to a paste with salt. Using a chef knife or wide bladed santoku, chop garlic on a cutting board. Sprinkle chopped garlic with salt. With the flat side of the blade, begin to "smear" the chopped garlic and salt against the cutting board. It will eventually become a translucent paste which can be added to dressings, a saute pan or any other dish through which a strong garlic taste is desired.


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