Things to cook in a cazuela?

Hey SE. I got back from Mexico City last thursday and managed to bring a giant Cazuela with me. (Airport security told me it was too big to be a carry on, I chose to not listen and luckily when boarding the jet no one said anything. I figured it was good as smashed pottery in a checked suitcase.)

Anyway, I'm looking for ideas to start breaking this thing in. I "cured" it by rubbing the bottom down with garlic and boiling a couple liters of salt water till evaporated on the inside, Im hoping that's sufficient.

So for those of you who have one or have eaten from them, where should I start? I'm furiously googling paella recipes, and when in D.F. some of my wifes family cooked us an epic barbacoa meal underground in theirs, but otherwise I'm not really sure what all can be done with this thing. Links to blogs, recipes, and inspiration would be appreciated.

Thanks as always!


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