The Myth of "Goop"

I've lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of my 38 years and am a great eater of hamburgers. A few years ago I noticed that the national hamburger media began to mention something called "goop" whenever reporting a story about regional burger variations. I think maybe I first read it in Motz, but have seen it at least a half dozen times since then. This "goop" is supposedly a popular burger condiment found only in the Pacific Northwest. From the descriptions I've read, it sounds a lot like regular old Thousand Island dressing to me.

So what's the problem? As far as I can tell, "Goop" does not exist. Or if it does, nobody calls it that. I've lived here, as I said, for nearly forty years and have NEVER encountered a burger with "goop," never seen it on a menu, never eaten one, and perhaps most telling, have never met a Washington or Oregon native who has ever heard of it.

So what gives? How did this myth get started and why does it keep getting perpetuated?

Puzzled in Oregon, Tony


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