The Canning Season is Upon Us! What stories do you have?

With my tomato plants giving me a much better crop this year than last, I am officially overrun with the colorful orbs and although I'm trying out some great recipes from all you SE'ers, I'm still going to have tomatoes go bad before I can eat them fresh!

Instead of watching my harvest turn to mush, I garnered the courage to finally can, put up, preserve or however you may say it! Took me years. I started out getting the book Stocking Up many moons ago and had the Ball Book of Preserving Food and last year at a yard sale I purchased the kit and kaboodle from someone who'd had enough and went the route of a freezer which was always my means of preserving food.

The kit and kaboodle just sat there all summer long and all winter long till my partner decided she'd had enough of kicking it out of her way and moved it to some forsaken part of our basement storage.

I bought a book this year on small batch preserving and that's what got me really intrigued. That I didn't have to make a dozen jars of one thing, but could make four and six jars of vegetables and sauces or preserves or jam.

Sunday was the day...after searching and whining about not being able to find the canning equipment, my partner found int a big plastic bag.

I made me six jars of tomato gravy, er' sauce as most know it and it was a breeze! All six jars sealed and are sitting beautifully like little trophies on my counter!

Working up the nerve to do pickles next!

Tell me...what's your canning experience? Ever done it? Have any hints or suggestions? Any interesting tidbits or stories?


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