Tell us your worse kitchen disaster?

The actual purpose of this posting is to spread the word to anyone dumb enough to do what I goes..I just finished watching Lidia's Italy,an episode for "Roasted Baby Lamb Shoulder" looked frigin' amazing,I was all over it....after many,many phone calls I finally located the only place that had baby lamb in nyc I spent about 6 hours roasting this poor baby in my oven....even my neighbors were peaking their noses out their doors to see what I was cooking.

Anyway, I invited about 10 people over..everyone was seated in my dining room,I took the lamb out of the oven and rested the roasting pan on my stovetop. In the meantime,I scooped out the vegetables from the pan,pureed them and wanted to reduce it down a bit so I can just glaze the warm lamb before serving. I was drueling over the stovetop just looking at this beautiful baby baa-baaaa. I didn't have any clean pots around so I grabed a large pyrex measuring cup and even had the foresight to turn around to everyone in my dining room and say "does anyone know if you can put pyrex on an open flame?" Everyone just shrugged and deferred it to their experience in chemistry when they could all recall using a bunson burner beneath a beaker and most responded with a "probably" was good enough for me....I lit a low flame and started to reduce the was taking forever to heat up...I didn't understand why it wasn't even starting to bubble...anyway,my impatient guests,fork and knife in hands were dying to eat this lamb already...I turned up the flame just a bit..turned around to my guest and said "ok,the lamb will be ready in about 2 minutes" and then BOOOOM! a huge explosion of chards of pyrex went flying like shrapnel around my kitchen. Thank g-d I turned around just before it happened. It completely ruined the lamb which was covered in micro chards of glass everywhere. Dinner was totally ruined (not to mention about $200 in meat)...since then,that dinner has been named "Baby Lamb Explosion"


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