Suggestions/Advice on Cooking Chicken Breast on the BBQ

I'm having a few friends over for dinner on Sunday, and I'm planning on BBQing a salmon, which satisfies all but one of my friends (who doesn't eat fish). I asked her what she would like instead of salmon, and she said "chicken breast."

Growing up, my mother and brother were both allergic to chicken, so I never really ate it. I then became a vegetarian from the age of about 15 until a few months ago, so I've never purchased or prepared any chicken before, and I've ate it myself probably 2 dozen times (mostly KFC at primary school events, etc).

Does anyone have any advice about cooking chicken on the BBQ, or any easy recipes that would satisfy? I'm only cooking two breasts (just for the one friend) so I don't need a lot of marinade or sauce, just enough for the two breasts.

For the salmon, I'm making a marinade consisting of red wine, soya sauce, brown sugar, curry powder, thyme and olive oil (the brown sugar is rubbed on, then sits in the sauce marinating for a few hours). I don't know if that's an OK marinade for a chicken breast, or if something else would be better.



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