Restaurant Brick Oven Fake-Out

I experienced a let down when I tried out a new pizzeria ner where I work. Our local paper highlights new businesses in the area and it told of a new "wood-fired brick oven" pizza place that's been open for a few months now. I rounded up some friends and we headed over for lunch this afternoon. As we pulled up, I saw stacks of wood out front of the store which lent credence to the claim of wood-fired. I could see the oven, complete with fire, as I walked in. Things looked good. I ordered and waited for my grinds.

When my pizza arrived and I lifted up the first slice, disappointment settled in. The under-done crust and lack of any sort of char was telling; it was not brick oven pizza. Long story short- It was a gas oven with a brick facade and a pile of burning sticks inside! Afterward, I looked closer at the oven and could see below the deck a dial and a digital read-out that said 495 degrees.

I don't know who to blame for the deceit- the restaurant or the paper. Maybe the guy at the paper just assumed based on the facade that it was a real oven. Most people wouldn't care about or notice the difference. Or maybe the owner lied and told him that the oven was legit. I don't know. What I do know is that I won't be back there again.


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