Pine Mouth! Yuk! Read this if you ever use Pignoli Nuts

So I was reading SE's article today "Pine Nuts: Going Beyond Pesto" and couldn't resist posting my story.

A few months ago my wife was at Trader Joe's (Union Sq,nyc) and I asked her to pick up Pignolis (Pine Nuts) for a fresh pesto I was making. She brought home the bag and the first thing I noticed was that some of the nuts were whole and some were broken. I immediately commented to my wife not to buy these from TJ's again because they look cheap and are quite expensive as it is. Nonetheless,I used them for my pesto and we all enjoyed our yummy dinner that night.

The next morning,I was having my coffee and realized I have an intense bitter/mettalic taste in my mouth. I threw out the coffee. Over breakfast I again had that same taste in my mouth. Each time I ate or drank something,it came back. After a few frustrating meals and thoughts of mouth cancer running through my mind-I googled "mettalic taste in my mouth" and the first article was about "Pine Mouth". Apparently this is a well documented phenomenon caused by consumption of oxidized pine nuts. I ended up having this condition for 3 weeks,every single meal was ruined! After further research,I discovered that this is typical in nuts distributed from far distances. I pulled the bag of pine nuts out from TJ's and the label said "from Korea,Russia,or Vietnam". Are you f'n kidding? They don't know where it's from. Turns out TJ's knows all about this issue and that their nuts are consistently oxidized because one batch from one country often contaminates the other).

The point of this post is that of course you never know where you're getting your nuts from,but if you experienced what I di dfor 3 weeks,you'd have trouble having Pignoli nuts ever again. What a shame,as pesto is one of my favorite sauces to make.

I attached ABC's article from this summer about this new phenomenon.Keep an eye on ur nuts!

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