Papaya King and Getty Grill in Clifton

Yesterday I visited 2 places that will be on the upcoming New Jersey Hot Dog Tour. Papaya King, located in the Corrado Shopping Center on Getty Ave in Clifton, and the Getty Grill, which specializes in Texas Weiners, right across the street.

I enjoyed the dogs I had at both places, but wanted to comment on what great values they both are. Under Frank, the new owner of Papaya King, the dogs went from $1.99 to $1.49. And weekdays from 4-6:30, they are 99 cents. Excellent for a very high quality natural casing all beef dog that's been prepared well on a griddle. The dogs are 10/1. Contrast this to the dirty water carts that charge $2 for a tiny 12/1 boiled dog.

At the Getty Grill they normally charge $1.69 for a Hot Texas Weiner. This is great compared to similar places. The Hot Grill is over 2 bucks now, which isn't bad, but the Getty Grill pays 60 plus cents more a lb for their Thumann's dogs.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Getty Grill, so they have been having a special. 3 Texas weiners for $3! And 3 quarter pound hamburgers for $3. This is almost unheard of. This special will go on past the Tour although the owner doesn't know how long he can sell 3 quarter pound burgers for $3, and may be ending the burger special soon.

I suggest trying either or both of these places. The Getty Grill is also open 24 hours and has a typical diner menu, but they are known for their Texas weiners. A real old time roadside hole in the wall.


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