My Serious Diet

Not trying to steal Ed's wind; that would never be possible though. But I need Serious Eaters' help. I used to be a little overweight about a year ago and was creeping up higher each month. I finally got a grip on myself and decided I would follow Weight Watchers, eventually with additional exercise from a 5-week, 3 days per week, weekends off, class at the gym. I made a tremendous amount of weight loss, and in very little time. So much that my doctor wanted me to put on a lot of weight because things were turning dangerous now. It took a year and now I'm just doing a ridiculous amount of eating when I'm not even hungry, and once again gaining too much weight.

Now, I want to go back to doing exercise at the gym, because I actually enjoyed doing that. But I'm having extreme difficulty keeping myself on a weight loss plan but not starving. Do any of you serious eaters know any foods or ideas I could put in my diet (which I want to become a lifestyle, but for now I have to take in a weight loss caloric intake before starting on a caloric maintenance) that will help keep me full? I plan to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks every day.


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