My little 2 a.m. food excursion... were did I eat ??

So this morning around 2 am I was bored and hungry so I got in the car and drove into the city which only took me 15 min by the way. Since their have been some questions on where to go eat late here you go.

1st stop Cafeteria Mac and cheese and the Tuna sashimi. I have to say it's been awhile since I hit up Cafeteria but I freely admit the mac and cheese was on the money and I was pleasantly surprised by the tuna . Cooked right ,with a nice peppery crust I was shocked . The music was loud as hell and it felt a little weird being solo in there as it seemed it was mostly couples but hey I had no one to drag with me . Off to a good start.

2nd stop Artichoke Basil Hit and a miss. The sicilian was real good the reg slice ehhh ok. One out of two I guess isn't bad. I behaved and did not go next store to Led Zeppole.

3rd stop Veselka At this point I started saying to myself I have major issues. The place was empty at 3:35 so sat at the counter enjoyed a little conversation with the waiter and cook. I always get the pierogies and this time would be no different. Potato, sweet potato, and spinach and goat cheese. I really don't get pierogies anywhere else except for Mrs T so I have nothing to compare them to but as usual for me they hit the spot.

4th stop Wo hop Your probably saying to yourself right now he has issues and your right I do but wo hop brings back some fond memories and I was already in the city why not ?? This would prove to be a big mistake because by the time I finished my boneless spare ribs I was ready to burst . Oh well nothing a tums wouldn't fix.

Now if only I can find a dessert place open at 4 I would be golden. I think I figured when the best time to eat is in this crazy city. After midnight on a Mon ;) I was pleasantly surprised and everything I had was perfect for my late night munchies. Now to figure out what to hit up next Tue at 2 . Any ideas ?


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