My homemade Drink Absorbent "coaster" Solution...

We all know that the paper coasters that they set on a bar is only good for the various beverage vendor whose advertisement you find on it...After just a few sips from your drink the coaster usually comes up with your glass or bottle and drips off the excess which it has failed to absorb as it has reached its max. capacity....So there I was on my third floor apartment balcony in Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo gathered with a few choice friends and finding myself getting irritated every time I set my drink down on the tiled floor then went for another sip it would drip all over my solid-color-light-weight shirt...So i started shopping for a good sandstone coaster and found that they were available only online so I invented my own and heres how I did it ....i went to the DR version of walmart and bought a 100% bag of white-clay-kitty litter(a excellant absorbent) and since i did not want to go to the trouble to make a permeable membrane I went to another department and bought several pairs of womens half-stocking sized nylons (I thought black was the sexier color) and went home and made what I call my "slammer" it works great and are a lot of fun to make it all you do is pour a cup or two of the clay into the nylon tie the top and your ready to go...they also as a unexpected benefit ..cushion and grab whatever you place in them whether a large ice-cold bottle of Presidente Beer or my own personal favorite Barcelo Gran Anejo rum and coke on ice..The clay absorbs the moisture which later evaporates..So this led me to idea to make my slammers in the forms of baseballs and gloves/ soccer or tennis or basketballs or even a football as they are fun to throw and catch for use in sports-bars as well as a variety of other forms but I am still looking for backers on that idea...But try it and let me know what you think...?


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