Meat grossing me out...


This is new, started about 6 months ago. I've never had a problem with meat before, but it's really starting to gross me out. I used to love my steaks rare/med rare, now red meat has to be at least medium. I can barely stomach chicken... tonight I made a beloved whole roasted chicken, and I have a vision of this clump of fat in my head that's literally making me sick. Pork isn't too bad, but I'd still rather not eat it.

The problem is I don't know where to even begin becoming vegetarian, or even if that's best. My husband is a carnivore, but I suppose I could just cook him a piece of meat to go along with whatever I make.

Maybe what I need is some sort of "meat lite" diet? I'm a chef, so I would still need to taste things that contain meat, or meat products, like stock and such. I also have a lap-band, so I need to still have a healthy diet, not just subsist on cheese sandwiches.

Am I going crazy? I'm 38 years old, have loved meat since I was a baby! Has this happened to anyone else? I'm really quite a bit freaked out here, this just doesn't feel normal.


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