Making Hot Haitian Piclis for Grilled Meats

I f you like is my recipe for making Piclis which is actually pronounced picklese..It is fantastic with grilled chicken and is eaten with pork, beef, and goat throughout the Island of Haiti. it is as common to the table there as is your current favorite hot sauce..Keep in mind though it looks like salad it is not and should be consumed in moderation with a little on each bite of meat. But I have seen people mistake it for coleslaw and take a large bite it is at that moment they get a strong urge to drink something.. but water does not work ..milk or ice-creme will sooth..

Active Time:  10 min Number Serves:  10 Equipment:  Grater, large spoon


1 small cabbage
3 large carrots
Juice of 1 lime
1-2 habernero or scotch bonnet peppers
1/2 cup to 2/3 cup white distilled vinegar


You can grate the cabbage and carrots to look like coleslaw or you can buy a package of pre-mixed coleslaw at yoiur grocers.
Next you will need to finely mince the habernero and add it to the mix..keep in mind if you use your hands directly with the pepper you will not be happy if you touch your face. I use a slap chopper for the peppers and a wide knife to pick it up or bench scrapper..add the lime and then the vinegar mix it well with the spoon but remember the more you press the haberneros the hotter it gets..You are done and it is ready to serve. Store it in any glass jar in your refridgerator and it will keep for a long time and as it ages will continue to absorb flavor


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