Locanda Verde is the heat normal ??

Ok so I have read all the great things about LV and have enjoyed most of my meals their over a period of five visits but on most of the dishes the pepper or spice IE heat is overwhelming and takes away from some of the dishes in my humble opinion.

At first I thought ok it was an off night or they just where more liberal with the heat that day. To compare I ordered the same dishes on subsequent visits and again the heat was overpowering. I took my mom when she was up for a visit and although she loved her main course most of the apps where way to spicy for her to eat .

Has anyone else encountered this or is it just me ? Also I have no problem having heat when it fits the dish but not when the dish doesn't require it and overpowers taking away from not complimenting it .

I know everyones tolerance levels are different but for those that have eaten their have you felt the same way ?

I have a little bet going on so if you have a opinion one way or the other let me hear it .



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