La Tomatina and why I may boycott tomatoes for a while...

I just got back from La Tomatina Festival in Bunol, Spain.

Bunol is a tiny town outside of Valencia. I have been in Spain the last few months working for a celeb-chef and he suggested that we (the younger of the employees) go check this out.

First of all, we got there at 7am this morning, and the drinks were flowing. Watered down Sangria and Tinto de Verano and Beer. It was almost all tourists (which is fine) and young party-kids (also fine).

So we trekked down the winding streets to the centre and waited for the festivities to start. At 10am, someone tries to climb a greased flag pole and grab a ham, symbolizing the beginning of the fight. We couldn't quiet see it, but they sounded the cannons at 11am and it all began.

Thousands and thousands of people crammed into these tiny streets and they are driving SEMI TRUCKS through it, pitching tomatoes into the crowd. As each truck unloaded, the people started grabbing, squishing and throwing (it's all in the squish). I think there were 4 semi trucks in total that make it all the way up the hill, unloading tomatoes along the way.

All I have to say is, thank god I wore goggles, thank god I brought a change of clothes in a ziplock bag and...3 washes of my hair later and I think I still have some tomato left in there. As much as I love that fruit, the smell of crushed tomatoes, mixed with sweat and beer makes me want to swear off the red for a bit. While there was a decent breeze at times, the heat made me feel like we were a giant pot of marinara at the end.

One more thing crossed off my bucket list, but honestly, never ever again.

I have some photos on my blog (for those who know it) and to avoid shameless promotion (to my silly little writings) I may give you all a link to my Facebook if you want to see photos of the insanity.


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