Itinerary for the 7th Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour, Part 4

That's six stops. This year we will add a seventh since some of the others are fairly close and the travelling distance will be shorter. The seventh will be Rutt's Hut. Perhaps the most well known hot dog joint in Jersey, Rutt's has been on the Tour before, but not for a few years. They serve a dog (Thumann's) made especially for deep frying, and prepare it perfectly. You can get yours cooked to different degrees of doneness. In-N-Outer, Ripper, Weller, Cremator. They are known for their relish, which is like no other. It's the only relish I will eat.

We will try to get all of the stops in by not lingering too long at any one place. One year we had two places left, but only time for one. We voted on which stop to go to.

If 7 hot dogs are too much too eat, I suggest sharing, not eating a whole dog, or not eating at a place you may not like. We have a good mix of styles on this Tour. Grilled boardwalk style beef/pork, deep fried, grilled kosher style beef dogs, Italian Hot Dogs, and Texas Weiners. One style of dog that we will not have is the trendy new "haute dog". It's not representative of a true Jersey dog.

I've spoken to some people in the media and it looks like there will be some coverage once again, so make sure you all look nice for the camera.

Those on the waiting list will be contacted this week. Less than 2 months to go and I'm excited. Once again we have someone from Canada making the trip. And someone from Maryland. Such is the allure of New Jersey hot dogs.


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