Itinerary for the 7th Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour, Part 3

Papaya King in Clifton will be on the Tour this year. They were on once before and proved to be a popular stop. We were all given free tee shirts when we went. A great grilled all beef dog. It is a natural casing Sabrett. In my opinion the best beef hot dog in New York and certainly one of the best in New Jersey now. A great spicy frank. The Garage, Rahway Grill, and Papaya King all serve the finest beef franks in the area; each with their own unique spicing. I will be interested to see what everyone likes best. These dogs are best enjoyed with mustard only or a minimum of toppings. If you want to sample chili, let me suggest that you put it on half the dog. Or move some over so that you can taste the actual flavor and seasoning of the frank and compare it to the others. Papaya King may have something special in store for us.

The Getty Grill will be another new stop. Located across the street from Papaya King. They specialize in Texas Weiners and they serve an outstanding one. I've eaten there while visiting Papaya King and was surprised at how much I liked their Texas Weiners because it's not a place that gets the attention that Libby's and the Hot Grill does and you don't see very much written or posted about them. They use the Thumann's frank for deep fring and top it with a chili sauce that is typical for the style. Thin, spicy, and with the slight cinnamon/clove flavor. This chili tastes exactly like the Hot Grill's by way of comparison. But the actual frank is better than theirs. And would you believe this hot dog joint is open 24 hours! Only in New Jersey.


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