I'm sick of eating local.

Okay, not really. I'm all for the whole locavorism movement. But I'm really sick of everyone shoving it in my face. Seriously, just do it! Why make such a big, self-congratulatory deal about it?

If I get invited to a potluck, I don't want to be told "May I suggest your ingredients come from an x-mile radius (unless it's wine, ha ha ha)" and then, on top of that, see a bajillion cc'd replies with "I'm bringing greens from my garden" "I'm bringing tomatoes from the guy down the street" "I am coming back from CA that day, and if I bring CA wine, does that "count" as local?" and so on. Maybe I'm just crabby because I've gotten two such invites in the last two weeks.

And then, I really can't stand all the restaurants popping up everywhere who claim that their emphasis is local and seasonal, and it's nothing of the sort. If you're a "local and seasonal" food restaurant in Lake Placid, NY, in early June, you shouldn't have corn chowder on your menu. And you sure as heck shouldn't tell me that you're out of the "sardine fish fry" because of the gulf oil spill. WTF??


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