Have you ever killed wild-game or slaughtered a farm animal?

I know we have a sophisticated crowd here but if you eat meat then at some point someone had to kill it and dress it out so you could cook it. Coming from a family of hunter-gatherers.Animals in-season or out were killed and brought to the table with the best parts cooked first and the rest later. For deer that would be the backstrap which lies along either side of its backbone sliced and cooked as a tenderloin .Pike was a favorite fish caught on red-devil lures then cooked in salt and homemade butter..with home cooked fried potatoes and homegrown corn on the cobb . I still remember chewing carefully the pheasants and spitting out the shotgun shell BBs that were used to kill it and I have lots of stories. Still I want to hear your stories as society has come to a place where eating is necessary ..killing for your table is not...we go to the store or online and buy what we want...However cruel it may seem in the end the animal remains dead our culture is made up of carnivores of which i must admit I am one...Now if I were a cow I guess the best gig going would would be Dairy and the next best would be a kobe beef...massages and beer and even music untill the end...But I want to hear from you...What have you killed or eaten or what animal would you rather be? Or would you rather be a vegan which is becoming more and more popular with each passing day...I still like a good steak medium rare with all the trimmings...What are your thoughts and stories or best wild-game recipe?


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