Gross or not ????

I recently ate at restaurant that had a small open kitchen and had seats for about 15 people give or take with the open kitchen being one of the attractions. I Have eaten there before and have always loved the food. As I was enjoying my first course (table closest to said kitchen) one of the prep cooks spoons out something from a jar that appears to look like peanut butter. After he dishes the plate he puts the jar back in the see through fridge and than decides to use his finger to take a helping and eats it than goes back for another swipe than proceeds to mix a salad in a bowl with his hands. I watched the whole time and he did not wash his hands just wiped them on his apron.

I am not one to pretend that things dont happen in a kitchen etc but the fact It was done right in front of me and I witnessed it well that kind of completley turned me off.

So what do you say gross or hey its a kitchen it happens ???


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