good fish?

So, it's like this...growing up, we were predominantly a chicken and steak family, as my mother didn't like fish. occasionally we'd have salmon or tuna, but that was about it. But now that i'm all grown up, and possessed of a job that allows me to shop at the sort of grocery stores that rich folks shop at, I'd really like to expand my knowledge of fish; i'm a culinary arts student who probably couldn't fill his hands with fish names, and i figure that's a shame. for reference, I like Tuna and Salmon(but who doesnt?), tilapia is OK(in every restaurant i've ever worked, it's been the stock "for picky eaters" dish)...the only fish i've tried that i really love is rainbow trout. Can anyone recommend any breed of fish to look for? any good books/websites that discuss this topic? thanks!


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