Four Days in Manila Metro Area

Hi all... I'm accompanying my husband on a business trip. We need...

1. Suitable place to entertain business associates, preferably in Makati (fine dining, not necessarily Filipino)

2. Better-quality places in the Mutinlupa City area (Alabang), for both casual meals (lunch) and business dinners

3. Lesser-known casual eateries (especially for lunches on my own)

We're interested first and foremost in finding places that just have really delicious food. It does not have to be be Filipino food. In fact, while it would be great to find a "gourmet" or "modern" Filipino resto, in general, my husband isn't a huge fan of the cuisine, so other options are appreciated... ;-)

Also, does anybody know whether the food court situation in Manila is comparable with other parts of Asia (e.g., Bangkok, Singapore, etc.)? I always have great luck in those, but not familiar with Philippines.

Thanks, SeriousEaters!


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