Do You Take Your Knives on Vacation?

We just returned from a wonderful week-long vacation in a remote area with only one small grocery store within reasonable distance. I knew going in that I'd need to take along lots of "essentials". I packed all my own spices and certain food items that I figured would be difficult to find while we were there. Although they weren't fantastic tools, we made do with the junky rental-home pots and pans. However, every time I had to slice a carrot or chop an onion I wanted to scream. The knives were so awful ... they bent as I sliced and barely cut through anything. Everything looked as if I had nibbled it down to size. I wished every day that I had thought to pack some decent knives. Next time I will.

What about you? When you go on vacation do you pack your own tools? Knives? Pots? Pans? Food?


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