Dear Serious Eats Burger Lovers...

Hello! I am Kate. I am a broke college student. I spend my free time reading AHT, but sadly, cannot afford to make those burgers with all of that meat. I also do not have a meat grinder, and cannot afford one. (Eventually I will get my great grandmothers hand crank grinder, but until my dad gives it up or I manage to make it *disappear* I am outta luck) I live in a small town as is (extremely shopping choices are extremely limited) and I work part time in fast food. So, okay, I am not broke, but I don't exactly have the money to spend on all sorts of meat. So, I am challenging you, Serious Eaters and fellow hamburger lovers, to come up with the best way to make pre ground beef (I typically buy 85% lean) taste the best as a burger. I don't have a grill (hope to get one eventually, but I don't want some piece of junk), so I am limited to my skillet. No broiler in my teeny oven either. I really want a good burger...and with my restaurant choices limited to fast food or Applebees...I am not getting one anywhere near here. So, please help! I want a decent burger that I can make with the limited tools I have. :)


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