Carnivores and herbivores eating together.

Hello lovely Seriouseaters,

Soooooo I'm having a small dinner party on Sunday (there will be 7 of us) to celebrate friends moving to Chicago and new beginnings. I need help with the menu. I have a beautiful back deck with a great grill I would love to utilize, my boyfriend loves to grill and since this is the first time my friends are meeting him I would love to give him the opportunity to shine. The problem is 4 of us are avid meat eaters (the boyfriend being possibly the most avid of us all) and 2 are strict vegans. So I'm thinking the bf will be in charge of meat and then I'll make a couple of really nice vegan recipes. Problem is, I need inspiration. And where else to come for inspiration besides here? Any ideas anyone? any menu ideas on either side vegan or non would be really appreciated.....and desert. I know stiff order, I fail on this one.


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