Bread, Love and Dreams

I'm a little hesitant to admit this but I am entirely hooked on the Korean drama Bread, Love and Dreams. No, I don't speak Korean but the show is subtitled.

If I had to label this series, I'd call it a Korean-Foodie-Soap-Opera. There are the usual pitfalls of paternity issues, backstabbing, big business and family drama - but to watch this guy make bread is downright sensual.

The crux is that a Korean businessman ("The Chairman") sires a child with a housekeeper. The boy has a rare gift for being able to tell the level of fermentation of bread dough by simply smelling it. Needless to say, this pisses off the legitimate son of the Chairman to no end because he had designs on inheriting the business, though he doesn't give a rat's ass about bread.

If your cable provider carries a Korean channel, chances are you can see it if you're curious. I believe the website I posted also permits free viewing of full episodes - which will help me a great deal because HALF THE TIME, the show doesn't start when it's supposed to and chunks of it can get cut off. Very frustrating!


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