a Trader Joe's Disappointment

So, for years I have been hearing about how wonderful Trader Joe's is for a grocery store, and finally I found out where our local one is (now that I have to drive that way for out patient treatment every week). I have always heard how great the food is, and how worth it the price for everything, but when I got there and looked around, I was actually really disappointed.

I expected to see lots of interesting foods that I couldn't find somewhere else, or a quality of food that surpassed most stores, but the produce was pretty lacking and even the lettuce looked like it had seen better days. The other packaged foods weren't anything that I couldn't get in other stores nowadays for less and generally I just wasn't impressed.

Has anyone else felt this way? I mean, am I missing something (quality that I hadn't noticed or a product that you love, etc.) that you guys have really fallen in love with? Or am I just spoiled with other options that mean that I don't need to go there (we have a bunch of slightly higher-end stores as well as really amazingly well-stocked normal stores, like Cub and Rainbow)? Let me know what I am missing, please!


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