Astoria, Queens, NYC: Thai of convenience

Any Astorians here? I know there are! Come on....

Thoughts on Thai options in the neighborhood? I'm looking for decent "Thai of convenience." It's out go-to cuisine for eating out when we don't want to leave the neighborhood -- so please no recs for Sripraphai, even though I know we could get on the train.

So far, the wife and I rotate among ...

Green Curry (Ditmars & 36th): OK if not great. Dunno how it stays in business. Nobody's ever here when we go for dinner, but the wife likes that it's not as dark as ...

Thai Elephant (31st Street & 21st Ave): I think the food at Thai Elephant is better than Green Curry, and it's cheaper, too. It's a bit dark in there, though, and that and the strange muzak tends to put us to sleep.

Wave Thai: Based on visible patronage, it seems to be the most popular one in the Ditmars area, but the wife is not a fan. And the couple times I've been, it didn't seem to be that much better than Thai Elephant, so we usually go to TE.

Thai Pavillion (30th Avenue & 37th Street): This is my favorite foodwise. And despite the (relatively) fancier decor, it's still pretty affordable.

Astoria just seems weirdly full of Thai restaurants. And there's supposedly a REALLY GOOD ONE (though not Sripraphai levels). Am I missing the REALLY GOOD ONE? Where is it?

Thanks in advance, SE'rs!


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