Applesauce Cake?

My great uncle is 80-years-old and he has a huge sweet tooth. Every week I bake him something decadent and sweet that usually involves chocolate or peanut butter- his two favorite things in the world.

Recently he was telling me a story about how he grew up very, very poor and the biggest treat he'd ever get was his mom's homemade applesauce cake that she'd make once every other month when she could get a hold of some fresh apples and could find the time to make the sauce and the cake (she had six children).

This week it's my goal to recreate his mom's cake, but the only thing he remembers is that it had applesauce in it and that it was brown and sweet. I've found a few recipes online, but I thought I'd turn to Serious Eaters. Do any of you have an old time-y tried and true applesauce cake recipe? Something moist and sweet and delicious?

Thanks in advance!


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