Advice! Going on a first date!

I am going on my first date this weekend. (I'd tell you how old I am but I am a little embarrassed about the fact that it has taken this long haha). Anyway, the guy is taking me to dinner. I do not know where or what kind of restaurant. However, I am looking for any input from me fellow SEs, men and women, about possible foods that may be a turn off. I love food, but don't want to look like a pig or end up with something in my teeth. Also, I don't know if he will pay or if we will go dutch so I am assuming avoid the most expensive thing. And drinks? (Yes I am of legal age) Should I? And dessert...? Ah! Any advice would help! Or if you have any good or bad first date at restaurant stories to help ease my nerves are greatly appreciated! :)


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