Your Top 5 Cookbooks, HIgh Fidelity Style.

In the spirit of High Fidelity (one of my favorite films), I love to ask people to list their top 5 of various categories. So I pose this to you, Serious Eaters: what are your top 5 cookbooks that you could not live without/get all of your best recipes/love unconditionally? (Note: your list does not necessitate that they fall into all three categories).

For me, it would be:

The Barcelona Wine Bar cookbook, as I miss that restaurant something fierce and everything I've made from it has been great. My blog has turned into an accidental "cooking the Barcelona cookbook" site because we've been inspired by them, but I really have no ties other than being a good customer of theirs and they kept me hooked on great Spanish food

The Silver Spoon, as it's the definitive bible of Italian cooking

Think Like A Chef by Tom Colicchio, because it's my go-to for fancy foods, and he writes in a way that is so enjoyable and fun to read

The Wiseguy Cookbook by Henry Hill, because so many great tips in this, plus it's basically an Italian-American 101 cookbook as it's so comprehensive, plus it's bascially Wiseguys lite with extra story on what happens after the novel and movie

I'm Just Here for the Food by Alton Brown, because it's so useful for the cook starting out, especially when it comes to meats. A must-have for any budding cook.

What are yours?


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